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Meet The Crew

"The Captain" Martin

"First Mate" Donna

"The Skippers" Macy & Ellie

Martin & I met in 1996 when we worked together. A good caption could be "You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, when I met you". Like the old song. I worked as a waitress and Martin was a bartender. Through the years we have both been in the hospitality trade, Martin being a Director with his 2 bars which also served food and myself with waitressing in the UK & abroad. I have worked in large kitchens and have ran my own cafe. We have been talking about running our own business, since we got together as a couple almost 9 years ago. The Mussel Pot Ltd was formed for seafood lovers and in memory of an old passed friend. Our joint culnery skills, expert service, blended with attention to detail & great company is what The Mussel Pot Ltd is all about. If you love food & especially seafood then hop on board, as it'll never be rough in the seas we sail. We will be in a street near you, please check our events page to find out where our next port of call will be, or where we will drop anchor for a while.

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